Advantages of

- the price-quality ratio is better than in the case of traditional, brick and wooden technology

- in the era of rapid technological changes, construction in traditional technology may turn out to be highly unprofitable (low efficiency of invested capital in relation to the market value)

- much shorter construction time - the STEELOVEE house production process takes 3 months

- stable, certain price - you will not be surprised by unforeseen expenses

- allows you to avoid delays, which in traditional construction are almost a rule, and result from underestimation of time by teams, delays in supplies, etc.

- the construction process is independent of weather conditions from the stage of ready foundations

- advantages of steel: corrosion resistance, high load capacity, ability to carry heavy loads

- durability and quality the same as in traditional brick technology and higher than in wooden technology

- incomparable ease and speed of expansion - you can add any number of modules according to your capabilities and needs in the future

- mobility: choose a mobile design and take your home / office wherever you want

- guarantee of compliance with the PN EN: 1647 standard (residential conditions regarding health and safety)

- in STEELOVEE modules, we can use photovoltaics, heat pumps, heat recuperation and similar solutions that help reduce maintenance costs.