steel stylish solid solar

We are a manufacturer of houses and offices in steel construction with 55 years of experience in the industry. We make dreams of a solid home and office come true. We build modules for year-round and holiday buildings.

We have been working in the industry since 1968, implementing steel structures in very large and smaller projects. We have managed to create a modular construction technology based on a steel structure because:

>Steel has no secrets for us

>By following trends in the construction industry, we were looking for a solution that would optimize the construction process and costs and eliminate the disadvantages of wooden and traditional construction technology

>Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us

>We wanted to build a new house for ourselves

This is how our modular house in a steel structure was created: cheap, quick to assemble and solid. Easy and quick to expand. And mobile, if that is your wish.

55 years of history obliges and gives you the assurance of the highest quality of the STEELOVEE house.


>your solid home, your solid office

>quality without compromise

>construction is fast, cheap and trouble-free

Build or expand your property reliably, permanently and at a price that no other technology will give you. Feel free to contact us and see our show house.
You will love this quality!

55 years of experience


The production plant has been operating since 1968. We are one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the industry.

We make both small metal elements and heavy steel structures weighing up to 300 tons. We produce halls, warehouses, mezzanines, roofing, tower constructions on sacral buildings, steel roofs, technical platforms and constructions of industrial machines.

We also deal with metal haberdashery: we produce forged fences, steel furniture, gazebos, stylish and standard gates.

We employ highly qualified staff who take care of every detail of the project.

We have our own warehouse of metallurgical products and a design office. We carry out tasks throughout the country and larger projects also abroad.


External dimension: 500x700 cm

External wall thickness: 120 mm

Wall height: 236 cm

Height at the top: 532cm

Building area: 35 m2

Roof area: 42 m2

Roof angle: 24 o

Roof overhang: 15 cm

Roof panel thickness 150 mm

Floorboard thickness: 28 mm

Dimension of the ground beam: 120x80x3m

Number of doors: 1x 900x2050 mm,

Number of eye windows size: 4x 900x2050 mm (ISO)

Number of doubles window handles size: 2x 1900x2050 mm (ISO)